Cafes in Uppsala

Uppsala offers a variety of cafes, from the traditional bakery shop to the modern cafes you’ll find in the city’s malls.

Swedish Fika

Fika (a coffee break) has become a social institution in Sweden and Uppsala’s cafes are well visited no matter what time or day. People take coffee breaks regularly in every corner and Italian espresso is often mixed with traditional cakes and crumble pies.

Sit down at one of the city’s many cafes and soak up all the new impressions. During the winter months you can curl up in an armchair with a cup of fair trade coffee and a classic cinnamon bun, and in the summer you can order a luxurious iced coffee and people-watch from a pleasant pavement cafe.

Güntherska Hovkonditori & Schweizeri

If you want taste treats fit for a king, visit Güntherska Hovkonditoriet, which is centrally located near Stora Torget and Fyrisån River. This is one of Uppsala’s oldest cafes. The elegant environment with its high ceilings and beautiful interior create a regal atmosphere. Among the classic offering, you will find small cookies, buns, small delicacies, semlor (sweet buns with almond paste) and baked goods in various forms. There are also different types of coffee available, such as espresso, chai latte and regular latte. Light meals, like sandwiches, salads, pies and soups, are also available.

The bakery is renowned for its exquisite cakes and baked products, which can be ordered in advance if you’re planning a party. In the summer, you can enjoy the popular outdoor seating area along the Fyrisån River or buy a coffee and sit at the riverbank. In the winter, you can curl up on a cozy corner of cafe and sip a hot chocolate.

Östra Ågatan 31, 753 22 Uppsala

Café Linné

Café Linné serves everything from breakfast and lunch to traditional baked goods in a homey atmosphere with old-time charm. The cafe strives to give its guests an unparalleled experience, with everything from superior lattes to tasty baked goods.

Svartbäcksgatan 22, 753 22 Uppsala

Konditori Fågelsången

Konditori Fågelsången is located in the heart of Uppsala, just below Uppsala slott (Uppsala Castle), with a view of the swan pond. The cafe has retained its charm from 1954, when the doors opened for the first time.

Fresh baked goods are delivered from the cafe bakery each day. But, the cafe is known for more than its baked goods. You will also find great coffee, a large assortment of sandwiches and great service. The large outdoor seating area with room for 150 attracts guests from early spring to late autumn.

Munkgatan 3, 753 09 Uppsala


Situated in an old building listed as an historic landmark, Ofvandahls on Sysslomansgatan is a classic cafe dating back to 1878. For a long time, the bakery was a purveyor to the Swedish royalty. In the well-preserved, turn-of-the-century setting, you will find portraits painted about a hundred years ago. Here, people such as Hjalmar Bergman and Karin Boye drank their coffee, while Gustaf Fröding, Prince Eugen and Gunnar Wennerberg pondered the meaning of life while sitting on the plush-covered sofas.

There is a wide assortment of baked products on offer and genuine, classic pastries are interwoven with modern sandwiches and baked goods.

Sysslomansgatan 5, 753 23 Uppsala

Landings Konditori

Since 1887, Landings Konditori has been providing high-quality baked goods to the residents of Uppsala. Here, you will find everything from pastries and cakes to light lunches and stone oven-baked sourdough bread. The cafe also produces its own Italian ice cream, chocolate pralines and marzipan figures. Enjoy your treats there or take them with you.

S:t Per Gallerian, 753 20 Uppsala

Kungsängsgatan 5, 753 20 Uppsala

Café Carl von Linné

Café Carl von Linné is a historic cafe with a pleasant, old-world and sober atmosphere. Pictures of the Prince of Botanists himself hang from the walls and lovely old furniture, comfortable sofas and chairs made from dark wood are craftily interwoven over the two floors.

The cafe has a lot on offer, with different types of baked goods and ice cream along with satisfying sandwiches, salads and pies. Why not taste the cafe’s famous Linnébullar and semlor (sweet buns with almond paste)?

Svartbäcksgatan 24, 753 32 Uppsala