Boat Trips & Cruises

Boat Trips & Cruises

Experience Lake Mälaren and Fyris river on a day trip or evening cruise.
If you want to visit Uppsala with your own boat, you can dock at the guest harbour which is located by the city garden quay.

M/S Enköping

M/S Enköping started operating on Lake Mälaren in 1868 and is said to be the oldest passenger ship in the world that operates regularly. Nowadays, she is owned by the shipping company Strömma and usually during the summer runs trips starting from the Icelandic Bridge in Uppsala, both day trips to the baroque castle Skokloster and also dinner cruises with shrimp buffet at Ekoln. The boat excursions are usually run during June-August.

M/S Kung Carl Gustaf

M/S Kung Carl Gustaf is over 125 years old with a home port of Uppsala. On the cruises, you can enjoy a scenic journey along the Fyris river and into the waters of Lake Mälaren. Coffee or a glass of wine is served on the sun deck. On the day cruises, lunch is served on board before the ship arrives at Skokloster. Here you can visit the beautiful baroque castle built in the 17th century. On the evening tours, you can enjoy the sunset on the upper deck and have a good dinner in one of the lounges on board.

Sport Adventure Travels

Travel back to the Viking Age in Valsgärde! Sport Adventure Travels offers a guided Vendel and Viking tour in Valsgärde where you can row a Viking boat, grill over an open fire and participate in challenging games and tug-of-war.

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