Uppsala destination

A climate smart city

Uppsala is a sustainable meeting destination.

Uppsala Convention Bureau is, like many partners in the local meetings industry, a member of the international organization ICCA, International Congress and Convention Association. Chapter members, i.e. representatives of the meetings industry in the form of representatives from the convention bureaus, meeting facilities, meeting organizers, transporters, and hotels, all work towards a more sustainable Nordic region. The report: “Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index,” which is based on an analysis of the sustainability of the 20 destinations in the five Nordic countries, places Uppsala in first place of the ranking.

The sustainability work in the meetings industry is just a cog in the big machinery. In the above report, 16 indicators were used for measurement and comparison of climate and environmental work. The municipality’s long-term work with issues such as emission levels, recycling and renewable energy has been addressed, as well as the local meetings industry’s commitment to the issue.

We see a genuine interest in sustainability in Uppsala. Below you will find more information about Uppsala as a climate-smart destination.

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