3 June 2023

Tourist In Your Own City

Welcome to Tourist in Your Own City! This event is an opportunity for you as a resident of Uppsala to get to know your city a little better. Join us on an exciting excursion to one of Uppsala’s most popular destinations.

The activity is mainly for those who may not have very good knowledge of Uppsala’s destinations but are curious about becoming a good ambassador for Uppsala, when family and friends come to visit. The activity is free of charge and the number of places is limited. The registration closed on May 25. You have been contacted by e-mail if you have been given a place.


An exciting bus tour to the places where the Vikings and their ancestors once lived in Uppsala. We get a guided tour of the Old Uppsala museum and you also get to explore historical places such as Kungshögarna and Old Uppsala church.

  • 14.40 Meet up at Stationsgatan
  • 14.45 Departure
  • Guided tour of Old Uppsala museum and the historical surroundings
  • Time for coffee or to discover the surroundings on your own
  • 17.30 Back at Stationsgatan
  • Explore Uppsala on your own