Medicin­historiska museet

Learn about the history of medicine

The Museum of Medical History is beautifully located in Ulleråker. It tells the story of health and sickness in body and soul, offering numerous discoveries to make. Exhibits on the ground floor ranges from the remedies and practices of traditional folk medicine, to medical instruments and appratus still in use today. You will encounter small and large inventions, Noble Prize laureates, Uppsala profiles och professionals like surgeons, midwifes, physicians and nurses.

In the museum pharmacy you can experience the manual preparation of ingredients for drugs in pill or balm form. The upstairs exhibits focus on psychiatry. Objects and images tell the story of life, care and work at the Ulleråker Hospital & Asylum, one of Sweden’s largest institutions for psychiatric care with a history stretching back to Medieval times.

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 1 pm – 5 pm. Free entrance. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits, arranges lectures and other activities.

Bus 4, bus stop Kronparksgården.

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Disabled persons:
Access- reduced mobility/wheelchairs
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