Uppsala Convention Bureau

Checklist for sustainable meetings and events

The below checklist is a compilation of previous organisers’ experience and work with sustainable meetings and events.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do I get the participants to act more sustainably – before, during and after the event?
  2. How do I create added effects with my specific arrangement in Uppsala?
  3. How can I create a positive local impression?

Below are some handy tips for a more sustainable arrangement:

  • Inform and train staff and officials about the sustainability objectives
  • Think about accessibility for all, e.g. hearing loops, wheelchair ramps and special foods
  • Inform the exhibitors about waste sorting and recycling
  • Review which information has to be printed and what can be more effectively distributed digitally
  • Minimise paper copies and use double-sided printing
  • If material has to be printed, choose environmentally friendly and reusable materials
  • Avoid single-use materials and environmentally damaging plastic
  • Reuse name badges and/or lanyards
  • Plan the gifts you intend to give to participants or speakers; give to charity or local society projects
  • Encourage lift sharing and inform people of public transport options and walking distances in the meeting minutes
  • For taxi journeys, ask for environmentally friendly cars where possible
  • Adapt the programme’s start and finish times according to transport options in Uppsala
  • Choose facilities and hotels which actively work towards sustainability and which take social responsibility
  • Choose premises that are accessible for everyone regardless of type of event
  • Ask for seasonal menus
  • Ask for organic and locally-produced options
  • Order meat-free meals
  • Avoid red-listed fish and seafood
  • Choose tap water over bottled water
  • Ensure that leftover food is given away
  • Reduce food waste, e.g. by asking for individual portions rather than a buffet
  • Give more target groups the option to learn about the lecturers’ knowledge (Uppsala residents, students, companies)
  • Consider diversity and equality when you invite speakers and artists to your event
  • Choose local lecturers, artists and entertainment
  • Apply a points system that encourages participants to make environmentally friendly choices – this could be linked to a reward system in the form of money/certification
  • Arrange a break-time activity that contributes to local sustainability
  • Plan time for physical activity for the participants, e.g. a morning run or a lunchtime walk