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Travel back in time with your phone

Travel back in time with Augmented History

What did Uppsala Cathedral look like in the past? What was life like for the inhabitants of Gamla Uppsala in the Middle Ages?

Here is your chance to take an exciting journey back to the ancient town of Uppsala thanks to Augmented History!

Let your mobile phone or e-book reader become a virtual window and step right inside Uppsala’s eventful history. Explore the area around Uppsala Cathedral during the Middle Ages or experience Gamla Uppsala in the Vendel Period, where you will be able to both discover and collect virtual archaeological artefacts. You can also take on a variety of exciting challenges, interact with historical figures and at the same time learn about the places and discoveries you have made during your virtual journey of discovery. In Gamla Uppsala you can also experience the historical environment through Virtual Reality – a computer-simulated reality that brings you as close as possible into living history.

How do you do this? Download the apps Visor Uplandia and Augumented History: Gamla Uppsala. Both of these are now available to use in Uppsala Cathedral and Gamla Uppsala. You need to be on the spot in one these places in order for it to work. In the summer of 2019 you will also be able to find out what Öregrund harbour and Wik Castle looked like in the past, so look out for these.

In order to explore the Cathedral, you can download free of charge the Visor Uplandia app via the App Store or Google Play. Don’t forget that you can easily connect to Uppsala Wifi in the Cathedral Square. If you visit Gamla Uppsala you can download free of charge the Augmented History: Gamla Uppsala app directly on your mobile phone or e-book reader via the App Store, or else borrow an iPad from the Museum to experience the surroundings of the past complete with buildings, graves and other spectacular monuments. The Virtual Reality experience can be booked on the spot at the Museum and is included in the standard admission fee.

The apps have been produced jointly by Region Uppsala, Uppsala University and the graphic design company Disir Productions which is part of the Sustainable Product Development project (Augmented Export 2016 – 2019).


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