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Your mobile is a time machine

Your mobile is a time machine

Now you can walk around the cathedral in the Middle Ages or discover the Old Uppsala of the Vikings, as it was around 650 VE.


The 1,000-year long history of Uppsala has much to tell. So why not come for an exciting journey through our eventful history and experience parts of the Uppsala of yore? Augmented Reality transforms your mobile (or tablet) into a time machine, opening a virtual window to Uppsala’s past.

Using the apps Visir Uplandia and Augmented History: Gamla Uppsala, you can wander around the areas around Uppsala Cathedral in the Middle Ages or run into a Viking on your ramblings down the streets of Old Uppsala in the Vendel Period. Gather virtual archaeological finds while discovering Vendel Period Uppsala or take on different exciting challenges, interact with historical figures, all while learning about the places and the finds that you encounter during your virtual adventure. All you need for the apps to work is to go exactly to one of these locations.

How does it work?

In order to explore the area around Uppsala Cathedral, you download the app Visir Uppsala via App Store. Using the same app, you can also explore Öregrund harbour and Wiik Castle, just a short car journey away from Uppsala, and host your own visits.

If you are in Old Uppsala, you instead download the app Augmented History: Gamla Uppsala directly to your mobile or tablet via App-store. You can also borrow an iPad at the museum to experience the ancient environment and its buildings, tombs, and other spectacular monuments as they were around 650 VE. The app shows what the place you are standing in may have looked like.

In Old Uppsala, you can also experience the historical environment through Virtual Reality – a computer simulated reality that takes you as close to history as you can possibly go. The simulation takes place inside the museum, where you put on a pair of VR glasses and hand controls to move around Old Uppsala as it was in the Iron Age, around 650 VE. The virtual reality experience can be booked on site at the museum and is included in the regular entrance fee.

The apps are free of charge and have been developed in a collaboration between Region Uppsala, Uppsala University and the graphic design company Disir Productions, as part of the project Sustainable Product Development (Augmented Export 2016 – 2019).

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