King Björn's burial mound


Hågahögen is an exciting historical location to visit. Measuring approximately 50 metres in diameter and 7 metres in height, it is a Bronze Age chieftain’s grave and about 3,000 years old. The grave gifts that have been found are among the finest from the Nordic Bronze Age. Hågahögen is popularly known as King Björn’s mound, after a legendary Swedish king who is said to have had his estate at Håga during the Viking Age. He is said to be buried in the mound.

South of Hågahögen lies a smaller grave field with round stone circles and mounds from the Iron Age and close by are also the remains of two cult buildings from the Bronze Age. Bring a picnic basket and sit and relax on one of the flat rocks in the flowery meadow. Look closely at the rocks and you will see grooves made by the inland ice long ago.

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