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The river Fyris canoe trail

Explore the river Fyris

Canoeing in a scenic nature area


The river Fyris winds its way from its sources in Österbybruk and Lake Dannemorasjön, through the northern Uppland forests to the south, past Iron Age burial mounds and cultivated fields into Uppsala and out into Lake Mälaren. The river Fyris canoe trail starts in Vattholma – start out just below the pond in Vattholma or at the bridge near the northern entrance to Storvreta. The trail ends at the Fyrishov sports facility in Uppsala.

Along the way, you can stop and take a break in the shelter near the Valsgärde boat burial field or at picturesque Ulva Kvarn (Ulva Mill). The Uppland canoe trails are safe and easy to paddle. They are suitable for both beginners and seasoned paddlers.