Signal - Clarire Parson Co.

SIGNAL is a performance that invites, broadcasts and signals. An artwork and a play with movement, sound, light, film and image, where dancers and audiences are in the same experience room – together. Welcome to a poetic, surprising and quirky performance with new perspectives for the whole family. Here you can sit, stand and walk. And hold someones hand if you want!

There are three reasons why you want to see  SIGNAL:
1. You can go with the whole family.
2. You are allowed to sit, stand and move in an artwork and experience the sounds and lights in motion.
3. It is a poetic, surprising and intrinsic experience to share.


Gottsunda Dans & Teater, Gottsunda Centrum


Saturday November 16th 2019.
At 2.00 p.m.


Tickets are sold here.

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