Markus Krunegård

    Brink & Berger proudly presents Markus Krunegård on August 24 at Parksnäckan in Uppsala.
    Last year came the first, new material from Markus Krunegård in several years. Since the album “In the head of an idiot, in a bar, on an island, in an ocean, on an island, in a bar, in the head of an idiot” released in September, Markus has proven that he is a living legend in Swedish music and that he belongs on stage. It became an almost sold out autumn tour with several extra dates and, like the crown on the work, also a Grammys nomination for Copywriter of the Year.

    Support: Junior Brielle


    Villavägen 6-8
    75236 Uppsala


    August 24th
    7.00 p.m.


    Ticket required

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