Erik and Cecilia Vasa - Historical view

Erik and Cecilia Vasa – historical guest play by Skrömt Kulturguider

Although it is 470 years since the construction of the Vaasa castle, much of what happened then is just as exciting now. The drama, the love and the power. Jealousy, betrayal and lies. Timeless feelings and behavior of people as much of flesh and blood as we are today.

In the summer of 2019, Vasaborgen has several guest games by Skrömt Kulturguider, who for many years embodied Erik XIV and other historical persons in Örbyhus castle where Erik sat imprisoned and then died of poisoning, perhaps on the order of his own brother!

Now, Skrömt Kulturguider has a specially written tour for Vasaborgen where you get to meet Erik XIV and Cecilia Vasa in their beautiful time-honored clothes from the Renaissance.

They tell, among other things, about the power play between the king and the church, between Vasarna and the Swedish nobility, the position of women at the court and much more.

Frightened cultural guides want to convey historical facts in an easy way, and target multiple generations. The goal is that, regardless of prior knowledge and age, you should be able to experience the story in a new and living way that touches and that makes you think further afterwards.

We believe that you need to be seven years old to keep track of the tour. The Vasa castle is a ruin and unfortunately not adapted for you who are disabled.

Performances by Skrömt Kulturguider,


Vasaborgen, Uppsala Castle


2019-07-27 till 2019-07-28


Admission 200 SEK, Children 100 SEK

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